Cumin Carrot Noodles

Spiralized carrots have the oopmf of a perfectly al dente noodle with all the sweetness and nutrition of a root veg. Pair them with the freshness and zest of lemon, cumin, and parsley, and the effect is otherworldly. 

I've eaten this for lunch about three times in the past week. It's just so easy, delicious, and healthy. Did I mention that this recipe contains 1000% DV of vitamin A? 

Balsamic Strawberries with Shattered Almonds

As May marches on, we're getting close and close to high strawberry season here in New York. It's still early (they'll be properly ripe come mid-June), but I couldn't resist. One of my favorite desserts is strawberries drizzled with balsamic reduction and topped with a good nut.

Be Radical. Buy Broccoli.

Eighty-six-thousand-four-hundred-forty(ish) meals: this is my conservative estimate of how many meals the average person will eat in their lifetime. Every time we sit down to dinner, take a trip to the grocery store, choose a restaurant, or open the fridge, we can be revolutionaries simply by choosing to eat plants.

Nasty Etymology: A Note on the Name

Their petals close at night and unfold each morning with the sunlight. The scientists among us would call this is photonastythe poppies open in response to light. Nyctinastic flowers open when night falls. Hydronastic plants move when the humidity changes. Thigmonastic plants respond to touch. Plants can be all kinds of nasty.