Hi. I'm Mary.

I enjoy running marathons, and I believe in fueling with clean, green energy. 

Plant Nasty is a lifestyle blog for everyone from lifelong vegans to the vegecurious.

Train with Plant Nasty Athletes, try delicious recipes, and explore plant-based living here.

Nasty Etymology: A Note on the Name

Nasty Etymology: A Note on the Name

Golden poppies are clever flowers

Their petals close at night and unfold each morning with the sunlight. The scientists among us call this nastic movement. Nyctinastic flowers respond to daybreak and dusk. Hydronastic plants move when the humidity changes. Thigmonastic plants respond to touch. Plants can be all kinds of nasty.

Plant Nasty (the blog) is all about vegetables and movement. This is a lifestyle blog for vegetable-curious eaters, readers, and athletes. But more than a catalogue of recipes and training entries, Plant Nasty is a space to connect with change-makers in the vegan movement and explore ways to live a kinder and cleaner life. 

What happened to Chroma Kitchen? 

Excellent question. Since there is a 97 percent chance you are here because you followed my previous blog, I'll tell you: Chroma was centered around the fact that colorful plant-based food is the healthiest, most life-giving food—where pigments run deep, flavor and micronutrients are in abundance. 

This is the gospel truth, and I am totally committed to preaching it. However, I want go beyond the bounds of a food blog to show how eating plant-based has empowered me as an athlete. I want to demonstrate that a whole-food, vegan diet is far and away the smartest (and most delicious) thing you can do for your body. And most importantly, I want to build a storytelling platform to spotlight the incredible people who are already working for a better, cleaner, vegan-er tomorrow. 

Stay kind etc.

What we eat is not just a personal choice. To quote Wendell Berry, "Eating is an agricultural act." It is also a political act. It is a social act. It is an environmental act. The current agro-industrial food system is not a great look for the human race. Yet so many extraordinary folks are challenging the status quo—from fellow plant-based athletes, to vegan activists, to veg-forward chefs and entrepreneurs. And slowly but surely the world is starting to wake up. 

Whether you're a dedicated vegan or just interested in cutting back on your consumption of meat and dairy... are welcome here!

Let's get plant nasty :)

Be Radical. Buy Broccoli.

Be Radical. Buy Broccoli.