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7 reasons to eat vegan on Earth Day

7 reasons to eat vegan on Earth Day

I grew up in an #ecofriendly family. We washed and reused all our ziplocks bags. (To this day, it still feels decadent to pull a shiny, sleek, new sandwich baggie out of the box.)

We composted all our food waste. We had family outings to the neighborhood recycling center to separate the glass, plastic, and metal.

 A general portrait of childhood, which was primarily spent around the picnic table that my badass mother built. 

A general portrait of childhood, which was primarily spent around the picnic table that my badass mother built. 

And here's the best part: we had a toilet with a sink on top. The toilet-sink would recycle our hand-washing water to fill the toilet bowl. This magical contraption not only got us in the habit of washing our hands after using the restroom, but it taught us the principle of water conservation in one fell swoop. Genius parenting, IMHO. 

 Also my mother's handiwork. 

Also my mother's handiwork. 

And yet, while I carried the ideals of everyday environmentalism forward into adulthood, it never occurred to me that one of the biggest contributors to my ecological footprint was in fact my foodprint. I may have been saving 4 gallons of water every time I used the toilet-sink, but I was flushing away 660 gallons every time I ate a burger.

I wandered into veganism for health rather than environmental reasons, but once I made the switch, I realized that I had started living in much closer alignment with my environmental ideals (not to mention ethical ideals). With that, my plant-based trial period transformed from an experiment to a permanent lifestyle choice.

Eliminating meat, dairy, and egg consumption is one of the single most powerful things we can do to fight climate change.  So what better day than Earth Day to try plant-based eating on for size? Here’s a teeny tiny taste of the many reasons our Planetary Mother would appreciate the effort: 

Earth Day Vegan.png

Try eating only plants for a day. You may discover it's not so hard. You may choose to try it again tomorrow. And you may just inspire someone else to cut back on their meat consumption.

Every single reduction helps: if Americans cut a quarter pound of beef from their weekly diet, it would be the greenhouse gas equivalent of removing 10 million cars from our streets for a year! Stewardship of the planet starts with our food choices, so let's give Mother Nature a break this Earth Day. 

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